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Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

Asking Price: 1650 each

(2) Landice Treadmills

2 Landice L970 Club Cardio Trainer $1650.00 each These pieces are priced to sell. Elxcellent quality gym equipment.

Asking Price: $4000.00 OBO

Two baseball pitching machines and three ball feeders.

Two baseball pitching machines and three ball feeders. MA 4 Baseball Pitch Machine's S/N 17145 & 17146 COMES WITH: Qty:2 60 Minute Timer QTY:2 Machine Guards Qty:3 Tunnel Nets Would like to sell as package but might consider separating machines New sold for over $17k

Asking Price: Call

Fitness Equipment

1 -Olympic Decline Bench 1- Olympic Incline Bench 1- Cybex Selectorized Chest Press 1 -Trotter Squat Rack 1 -Adjustable Decline Bench 1 -Hammer Plate Loaded Lateral Raise 1 -Promaxima Selectorized Inner/Outer Thigh 1 -LifeFitness Selectorized Prone Leg Curl 1 -Paramount Selectorized Seated Leg Press 1 -Flex Plate-Loaded Lat Pulldown 1 -Biodyne VKR/Dip 1 -Quantum Abdominal 1 -Universal Selectorized Low Row 2 -Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike 1 -Tectrix Bikemax Upright Bike 1 -Icarian T-Bar Row 2 -Precor EFX544 Elliptical 2 -SportsArt Elliptical 5 -3Olympic Bar 1 - 2100lbs Olympic Plates 1 -Plate Loaded Smith Machine 1 -Cable Crossover 2 -Dumbbell Rack 1 -45 Degree Leg Press 1 -Promaxima Standing Leg Curl 2 -Tectrix Climbmax Stepper 2 -Incline Bench 1 -Flex Selectorized Pec Deck 1 -Flex Selectorized Tricep Extension 1 -Paramount Selectorized Rotary Torso 1 -Heartline Selectorized Lat Pulldown

Asking Price: Call to Inquire or Monthly Payment: $927.00*

Exercise Equipment

Eagle Arm extension machine
Adjustable Bench

Asking Price: $1,800

Master Pitching Machines / Fitness Equipment

(1)Master Pitching Machines Model#A-24
Wiffle ball-600 baseball or 400 softball capacities
(1) leg press (1) functional trainer (3) benches (2) dumb bell racks (1) assisted dip/chin machine

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Fitness Equipment

Ladies Fitness Equipment. 12 fitness machines and 2 benches available for individual sale or as a complete unit. All pieces in Great Condition.
All are Nautilus Machines:
(1)Leg Press $2,900 obo
(2)Nitro AD/AB $2,000 obo
(1)Leg Extension $1,950 obo
(1)Leg Curl $2,000 obo
(1)Abdominal $2,200 obo
(1)Lower Back $2,250 obo
(1)Pec Fly $2,400 obo
(1)Preacher Curls $2,000 obo
(1)OverHead Press $2,300 obo
(1)Tricep Extension $2,000 obo
(1)Compound Row $2,300 obo
(1)Flat Utility Bench $300

Asking Price: Call to Inquire or Monthly Payment: $226.00*

Workout Equipment

(2) 4-way combo bench
shoulder/incline/decline/bench press w/spotter stand
2,150lb weight stacks
8 station Iso-fit trainer

* Upon approval of credit