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Asking Price: $12999


USED STUMP GRINDER MFG by Rocheleau Tires : good Total Hours: 0605.7 Six cylinder gas Hitch: good Engine: good. Starts and runs Hydraulic system: good, no leaks in lines All controls appear to be working well Everything seems to be working fine.

Asking Price: $6500.00 obo

Townsend Brine Injector Model #1450

Townsend Brine Injector Model #1450

Asking Price: $3000

2000 D-CIDP Package Version 8

2000 D-CIDP Package Version 8

Asking Price: $12500 obo

JLG Platform Lift 33' Rough Terrain 4x4

JLG Platform Lift 33' Rough Terrain 4x4 Dual Fuel Model # 3394RT Ser. # 0200141518 2006 Model Hours 1404 Tires are good, everything works great and is fully functional ready to go to work.

Asking Price: $150 obo

30 Parking Bumpers

30 Parking Bumpers

Asking Price: Call

Grainer Motor, Service Gear Mater

1 Service Gear Mater 1 Grainger Motor 1 Gentz Inventory MA 1 Clamo Lumber

Asking Price: Make Offer

1 Oxidant Generator System #7 with Activated Oxygen Generator

1 Oxidant Generator System #7 with Activated Oxygen Generator S/N AOG-Kiss 48GPD-008 BH Scrubber S/N AOG-KISS 48GPD-008

Asking Price: Call to Inquire

Ultimate Linings Spray System

Ultimate Linings Spray System, model Rhulta 440
serial# VR-20143

Asking Price: 19000 obo or Monthly Payment: $2,824.00*

ONEX Clip Tek Life Cycle Test System

ONEX-3771 Clip Tek Life Cycle Test System. Designed to repeat a test cycle on Clip Tek device. The system consists of three precision slides mounted to a special platform and sensors that monitor the slide operation. The test system is controlled and monitored by an Industrial Programmable Logic Controller(PLC). The PLC will send and receive signals to the slides and sensors to preform the test cycle and detect any malfunction of the Clip Tek or destruction of the process. The PLC records the number of cycles preformed by the test system and is designed to change the rate an certain motion and timings to meet the real life operational requirements. The system requires manual placement of the Clip Tek device into the test fixture to start the test.

Asking Price: Call to Inquire

Culligan Ps-20 Deionizer System

Culligan Ps-20 Deionizer System. All Plastic Construction Filament wound epoxy coated fiberglass tanks to retain good appearance in harsh environments. Schedule 80 PVC plumbing and Noryl-bodied diaphragm valves resist corrosion. Transparent Backwash Piping- Allows the operator to observe flow to drain during backwash. Helps prevent loss of costly resin. Reliable Control Panel-Initiates regeneration automaticallyor by operator control when system becomes exhausted. Quality Rinse Feature.

* Upon approval of credit